Repair and Overhaul

Illuminair Support Corporation has developed an on-site test, repair and overhaul facility to handle any repair requirement. For over a decade, Illuminair Support Corporation has become one of the most respected repair facilities due to our highly skilled and trained technicians and a large inventory to ensure quick turnaround time. We have made this reputation by consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations and by providing the highest quality service possible.

Accesories repairs, overhaul, exchanges and maintenance.

Hydraulics Component Repairs and Overhaul

Mechanical & Electrical Component Repairs and Overhaul.

Parts management.


Modding and non-standard repairs.

"Quality goes beyond systems; it permeates Illuminair Support Corporation corporate culture. It is especially evident in our people, who have pledged to go the distance to ensure that their work is done correctly and on time, all the time."